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There was a republican senate candidate sorta debate today in Kansas City:

Sean Nicholson @ssnich

Hope today’s #MOSen forum sorts out who’ll be best able to avoid voters from Aug-Nov while Karl Rove spends a gazillion dollars on TV. 10:58 AM – 18 Feb 12

John Brunner’s (r) senate campaign issued a statement today after the soiree:

The Brunner for Senate campaign today shined a light on Sarah Steelman’s recently released list of policy proposals, showing they are nothing more than a cut, copy, and paste job of what nearly every other Republican federal candidate and incumbent supports — including John Brunner….

Think about that for a second.

He’s accusing one of his republican primary opponents of having the same “policy proposals” as every other republican candidate, including himself. If you’re a republican isn’t that the point? And as if John Brunner is the index case of the republican party?