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No lessons learned, just change a letter…

Via Think Progress, Rick Santorum (r), the surging candidate in the Iowa caucuses, on Meet the Press this past weekend:

Rick Santorum (r): …Finally, I would be working openly with the state of Israel and I would be saying to the Iranians, you either open up those facilities, you begin to dismantle them and, and make them available to inspectors or we will degrade those facilities through air strikes. And make it very public that we are doing that. The President has done none [crosstalk] of this…

David Gregory: So you would lay out a red line, and if they passed it, air strikes by a President San, Santorum.

Rick Santorum (r): Iran will not get a nuclear weapon under my watch.

David Gregory: Well, two previous presidents have said that. You would order air strikes if it became clear that [crosstalk] they were gonna…

Rick Santorum (r): Yes, I, that’s, that’s the plan. I mean, you can’t go out and say, this is, this is the problem with this administration. You can’t go out and say, this is what I’m for and then do nothing. You become a paper tiger and then people don’t respect our country and our allies can’t trust us. That’s the problem with this administration….

He’s insane.