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@RBReich Robert Reich

Waiting for the results the #iacaucus is like waiting at the airport for someone you don’t know, don’t care about, and believe is deranged. 11 hours ago

@BorowitzReport Andy Borowitz

The last time so few people decided a Presidential race they were all on the Supreme Court. #iacaucus 9 minutes ago

An eight vote difference. Heh.


Closed caucuses, Same-day registration allowed

28 total delegates*

25 tied to January 3 caucuses, 3 unpledged RNC delegates

Romney 30,015 25% 7

Santorum 30,007 25% 7

Paul 26,219 21% 7

Gingrich 16,251 13% 2

Perry 12,604 10% 2

Bachmann 6,073 5% 0

Huntsman 745 1% 0

And the Twitterverse buzzes:

@jstrevino Joshua Treviño

Mitt Romney may not harm a human, or by inaction, allow a human to come to harm. 6 hours ago

@davidaxelrod David Axelrod

The sound Santorum is hearing right now is not the buzz of victory. It’s the whirring of Romney Super PAC, preparing to carpet bomb him. 7 hours ago

@Pres_Bartlet Josiah Bartlet

Mitt Romney has a history of job creation, that much is true. The problem is those jobs are in India, not Indiana. 6 hours ago

@andishehnouraee andishehnouraee

Left, right or center, I think we can all agree the real winner of the #IACaucus was Dan Savage. 25 minutes ago

Put it in perspective:


Closed caucuses: 40 total delegates*

37 tied to January 3 caucuses, 3 unpledged RNC member delegates


Romney 30,021 25% 12


[emphasis added]

That’s a loss of six votes over four years. Think about all that money.

In 2008 the eventual republican nominee, John McCain, placed fourth in the Iowa caucus with 13%.

Newtmentum 2012!

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