Well, the map for 4th Congressional district state House districts proposed by Violet Corbett (R) and Paula Willmarth (D). They’re both members of the 18 member redistricting commission representing the 4th Congressional district.

The map can be viewed at http://oa.mo.gov/bp/redistricting/housemap/ under the label “Corbett Willmarth 4th Cong Tentative”

So here’s the map and some commentary on the districts.

HD26 (open, term-limits, held by Joe Aull (D), 37569 people)

The 26th drops most of Lafayette County (keeping Alma and Waverly) and adds Howard County along with Houstonia and Hughesville. This pretty much moves the 26th back to somewhat close to it’s 1993-2003 form when it last crossed the Missouri River at Glasgow. In all likelyhood, replacing the more Democratic half of Lafayette County with a more 50/50 Howard County may not be a helpful change for an open seat.

HD36 (open, term-limits, held by Bob Nance (R), 36217 people)

The 36th picks up parts of Clay County west of Lawson. No real difference expected.

HD113 (held by Jay Barnes (R), 36351 people)

The 113th takes in most of Jefferson City, dropping Western Cole County.

HD114 (held by Mike Bernskoetter (R), 37082 people)

The 114th takes in St. Martins, some of Jeff City, and Westphalia in Osage County.

The 113th is bluer (if such a thing could exist in Cole County) and the 114th doesn’t seem too odd, aside from the only connection from Cole to Osage county being partially in the 114th.

HD115 (held by Steve Largent (R), 37219 people)

Here’s where it starts to get weird. The 115th takes 120th district incumbent Scott Largent of Clinton and puts him in a district that slices Henry County in half, slices Benton County in three pieces (Warsaw to the 115th), goes into Morgan County (Gravois Mills), and takes in part of Camden County (Climax Springs). It appears the only way to directly cover this district is with a boat. In the scheme of things, there’s not really a need to chop up 4 counties for a district which looks like a dog.

HD116 (held by Wanda Brown (R), 34753 people)

Ok, so that district stands out for being a bit small. It goes from Southern Johnson County and Northern Henry County to Southern Pettis and Northern Benton county to Morgan County (Versailles). Creating a district that is a bit underpopulated and looks like a dragon.

HD117 (held by Caleb Jones (R), 37186 people)

This district doesn’t really change much from it’s current shape aside from picking up more of Cole County and dropping parts of Pettis and Morgan counties.

HD118 (held by Stanley Cox (R), 34888 people)

The district drops Houstonia and Hughesville and adds Smithton.

HD119 (held by Sandy Crawford (R), 35644 people)

The district adds Southeast Benton County.

HD121 (held by Denny Hoskins (R), 36787 people)

The district drops a tiny area north of Knob Noster.

HD122 (open, term limits, held by Mike McGhee (R), 36115 people)

The district adds Lexington and shaves off parts of Johnson and Cass Counties.

HD123 (held by Rick Brattin (R), 35839 people)

The district loses Harrisonville and Peculiar and picks up Raymore and moves towards Pleasant Hill (splitting it with HD125)

HD124 (held by Chris Molendorp (R), 35979 people)

This is a Belton/Peculiar district instead of a Belton/Raymore district.

HD125 (open seat, 32867 people)

This is a very underpopulated district. It combines Harrisonville and central Cass County with Western Johnson County)

HD126 (held by Mike Kelley (R), 37004 people)

This becomes a Barton/Dade district with Southern Vernon and North/West Cedar county.

HD127 (open, term limits, held by Barney Joe Fisher (R), 35337 people)

This district has all of Bates County, Southern Cass (Archie/Drexel) and Northern Vernon (Nevada and north).

HD133 (held by Sue Entlicher (R), 35264 people)

This district goes from all of Cedar and part of Polk to all of Polk and part of Cedar.

HD145 (held by Lyndall Fraker (R), 36678 people)

This district splits Webster County (almost enough people for one district) for no logical reason, in order to split Laclede County (which has enough people for one entire district). Alrighty then.

HD146 (held by Diane Franklin (R), 35470 people)

This district takes in part of Laclede County, then aids in the splitting of Camden County (also with enough people for one district). Franklin is from Camden County, so it’s possible for Laclede County, large enough for it’s own single seat, to not have a single resident in the Missouri State House.

HD147 (open seat, 36895 people)

This district is made up of Waynesville, St. Robert, and Fort Leonard Wood. So the number of voters in this district will lag behind most other districts as it puts all of Fort Leonard Wood in one district.

HD148 (open, term limits, held by David Day (R), 36728 people)

This district is made up of north/west Pulaski County, part of Miller County, and part of Cole County.

HD155 (open seat, 35469 people)

This district is centered around “the Lake”, with Osage Beach, Sunrise Beach, Lake Ozark, Laurie and Camdenton.


22 districcts are presented, 13% of the map. 7 of 22 districts are above the ideal of 36741. 3 districts are more than 5% away from 36741 (36741*.95 = 34903.95). If you divide the population of the districts (793341) by the ideal, you get 21.59 districts. So with the area covered, creating 22 districts is a stretch.

Most of the area’s districts are safe Republican, but it’s an exercise in creative linedrawing to split Camden County 3 ways with it not having the entireity of one district, to split Laclede County two ways with a shot that no Laclede County resident is in the Missouri House, to split Henry and Benton Counties west/east, to split Johnson County 4 ways, and some real odd looking things which are more than just adjusting for the Lakes.

The positives include a better district for Lafayette County and the all Jeff City district. But in general, it just seems like there are more flaws than features on this partial redistricting map.