Missouri State Redistricting a process where 18 people get together, suggest maps, and then the map is drawn by judges. Ok, they’ve accomplished a commission map before in history. But if you’re a betting man, you have to be skeptical of the shot of a 10th vote being found here.

Last week, the Democratic and Republican commissioners for the state House redistricting proposed maps. The maps can be viewed at the OA website. The Republican map (dubbed “minimum changes”) will be reviewed second. The Democratic map will be reviewed in this post.

Partisan election data for both maps is not currently known, but your own knowledge or suspicions can be used to make determinations about the maps provided.

Here is a quick and dirty wall of text about each district. Which Incumbents (who can run in 2012) live in which district. Some data when it’s relevant. And descriptions of what the districts include. Random maps will be provided to highlight certain districts or areas.

Paired incumbent districts are in italics. Open districts are bolded. Some districts are open due to term limits. Some are open due to the pairing of other incumbents.

Overall thoughts on the Democratic map before going into the list: It’s more refined than the Skaggs-Davis map. It seems to have been a competition to pair incumbents in some areas. At the same time, it corrects and prevents certain incumbent-friendly mapping quirks. There are certain district numbering quirks that seem to get worse with this map. But then again, our state highway numbering system involves picking numbers out at random. So it could be worse.

The map pairs 42 incumbents (11 R v. R matches, 5 R v. D matches, 1 D v. D match and 3 R v. R v. R matches), by my count. So this map is clearly aiming to cause a real estate boom amongst legislators.

There are unseemly elements of this map. But as you can see on your own (or will see in a day or so), the Republican “minimal change” map is also a map with some of the same problems. The reality of redistricting is that in order to achieve relatively equal districts, creative lines will be drawn and parties will want their best possible 163 districts.

Some of these districts have no chance of becoming reality. But you gotta put the cards on the table while you can and try to see if they could happen somehow.

On to the list.

HD1 (Parts of Lewis (everything except one square), Marion (Hannibal, part of Palmyra) and Ralls (Saverton)): Redmon (R-Canton) and Shumake (R-Hannibal)

HD2 (all of Clark, Schuyler, and Scotland, parts of Adair (Kirksville)): Open

HD3 (all of Harrison, Mercer, Putnam and Knox, parts of Daviess (part of Pattonsburg)/Grundy (Spickard)/Sullivan (Milan/Green City)/Adair (Novinger)): Wyatt (R-Greencastle) and Guernsey (R-Bethany)

HD4 (Atchison/Holt/Nodaway/Worth, part of Gentry (north of Albany/Stanberry): Thomson (R-Maryville)

HD5 (East St. Charles. West Alton and St. Charles City): Open (May have an incumbent depending on the outcome of the HD15 special election, current HD15 is split between HD5, HD17, and HD19)

HD6 (Parts of Lincoln (Cave), Pike (Eolia), and Warren (Warrenton/Wright City)): Open

HD7 (parts of Lafayette (Lexington/Higginsville), Saline (Marshall), Chariton (Salisbury)): Open (termed-out incumbent)

HD8 (Macon and Shelby. Parts of Lewis (SW corner), Linn (Brookfield/Marcelline) and Marion (West of Palmyra)): Shively (D-Shelbyville)

HD9 (Parts of Monroe (Everything except a SW corner), Ralls (Everything except a NE corner), Marion (Monroe City), Audrain (Vandalia), and Pike (Louisiana/Bowling Green): Quinn (D-Monroe City)

HD10 (DeKalb, parts of Gentry (Albany, King City, Stansberry)/Daviess (Lake Viking)/Andrew (East of Savannah)/Clinton (North of Turney/Gower)/Buchanan (NE Corner)): Klippenstein (R-Maysville)

HD11 (Parts of Lincoln (Ellsberry/Troy)/Pike (Paynesville)): Schieffer (D-Troy)

HD12 (Wentzville. Northwest St. Charles): Open

HD13 (Lake St. Louis, part of Warren): Gatschenberger (R-Lake St. Louis)

HD14 (O’Fallon): Bahr (R-O’Fallon) and Funderburk (R)

HD15 (O’Fallon): Open (termed out incumbent)

HD16 (St. Peters/Cottleville): Open

HD17 (St. Charles): Zerr (R-St. Charles)

HD18 (St. Charles/St. Peters): Open

HD19 (SE St. Charles County): Conway (R) and Parkinson (R)

HD20 (Parts of Audrain (Everything West of Vandalia), Boone (Centralia), Monroe (SW Corner)): Cauthorn (R-Mexico) and Houghton (R-Martinsburg)

HD21 (SW Columbia, Mizzou Campus): Webber (D-Columbia)

HD22 (North Buchanan (all the way to Frederick Ave. in some parts)/Western Andrew (Savannah)): Johnson (R-Country Club)

HD23 (NW Columbia, Rogers St is a border in one part): Open

HD24 (SE Columbia/Southern Boone): Kelly (D-Columbia)

HD25 (NE Columbia): Still (D-Columbia)

HD26 (Howard/Randolph, part of Boone (Harrisburg)): Asbury (R-Higbee)

HD27 (St. Joseph): Conway (D-St. Joseph)

HD28 (Parts of Callaway (South of Fulton)/Osage (East of Westphalia)): Riddle (R)

HD29 (South Buchanan (South St. Joe)/North Platte (Weston/North of Platte City)): Higdon (R-St. Joseph)

HD30 (Platte County, KCMO, Part of Clay): Schieber (R)

HD31 (Southern Clay County, North KC): Swearingen (D)

HD32 (Riverside, parts of Clay County): Open

HD33 (Parkville, Platte City, KCMO): Marshall (R-Parkville)

HD34 (Liberty, KCMO): Open

HD35 (Liberty, Kearney): Neth (R-Liberty) and Berry (R-Kearney)

HD36 (Smithville): Open

HD37 (Downtown KC/Westport): Talboy (D) – 19% AA/15% Hispanic

HD38 (Gladstone, KCMO): Open (pretty sure Silvey is termed out AND running for the State Senate)

HD39 (Lee’s Summit, Grandview, KCMO): Grisamore (R) – 21% AA

HD40 (The Historic Northeast KC/Western Independence): Rizzo (D) – 36% Hispanic

HD41 (North Central KCMO): Open (until a special election?) – 64% AA/18% Hispanic

HD42 (East KC): Open (thanks to Term Limits) – 63% AA

HD43 (East KC, South of Brush Creek): McCann Beatty (D) – 63% AA

HD44 (Brookside): Kander (D) [maybe another incumbent if the winner of the special election to replace Jean Peters-Baker isn’t a one-session placeholder)

HD45 (KCMO, Stateline to 350): Holsman (D-KCMO) and Cross (R-Lee’s Summit) – 36% AA

HD46 (KCMO, Grandview, to 350): McManus (D) – 22% AA

HD47 (Lee’s Summit): Open

HD48 (Central Independence, around MO78): McDonald (D) and Torpey (R)

HD49 (Southern Independence): Open

HD50 (SE KC, Hickman Mills): Open (Term-limits) – 62% AA

HD51 (Northern Independence, Sugar Creek): Anders (D) and Lasater (R)

HD52 (Raytown, KCMO, Lee’s Summit): Open

HD53 (Raytown, KCMO, Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs): Cierpiot (R) and Solon (R)

HD54 (Northeast Jackson, East Clay, West Ray): Open (termed-out incumbent [Nance])

HD55 (Blue Springs/Grain Valley): Lauer (R)

HD56 (Oak Grove, Eastern Jackson County): Open

HD57 (West STL, Wellston): May (D) – 95% AA

HD58 (Caldwell, parts of Ray, Clinton, Daviess, Livingston): Lair (R-Chilicothe)

HD59 (SE STL): Open (termed-out incumbent) – 51% AA

HD60 (Branson and Hollister): Open

HD61 (NE STL and part of STL County): Carter (D) – 94% AA

HD62 (Eastern STL): N
asheed (D) and Hubbard (D) – 93% AA

HD63 (Central STL): Jones (D) – 45% AA

HD64 (Western STL): Carlson (D) – 23% AA

HD65 (SW STL): Kratky (D)

HD66 (STL/STL Co line, SW to Concord): Montecillo (D)

HD67 (South-Central STL): Colona (D) – 22% AA

HD68 (Barry County, part of Stone): Open (term limits)

HD69 (STLCo, Jennings, NE to Spanish Lake): Pierson (D) – 82% AA

HD70 (STLCo, Jennings, NW to Berkeley): Pace (D) – 82%

HD71 (STLCo, Velda City, University City, Pagedale): Smith (D) – 78% AA

HD72 (STLCo, University City, SW to Ladue, Frontenac, and Town and Country): Ellinger (D) and Diehl (R)

HD73 (STLCo, Richmond Heights, SW to Ladue and Kirkwood): Newman (D)

HD74 (STLCo, Old Jamestown?, Florissant outskirts): Webb (D) – 47% AA

HD75 (STLCo, Florissant): Atkins (D) – 20% AA

HD76 (STLCo, Bridgeton/Hazelwood): Spreng (D) – 28% AA

HD77 (STLCo, St. Ann, St. John, Breckenridge Hills, Bel-Ridge): McGeoghehan (D) – 34% AA

HD78 (STLCo, Maryland Heights/Bridgeton/Hazelwood): McNeil (D)

HD79 (Part of Johnson and Lafayette. Warrensburg/Odessa): Open (Termed-out incumbent)

HD80 (STLCo, Ferguson/Black Jack): Taylor (D) – 63% AA

HD81 (STLCo, Spanish Lake, Black Jack): Walton-Gray (D) – 82% AA

HD82 (STLCo, Creve Coeur): Schupp (D)

HD83 (STLCo, Overland/Olivette, Maryland Heights): Nichols (D) – 18% AA

HD84 (STLCo, Manchester/Kirkwood): Open

HD85 (STLCo, STL/STLCo line, Lemay, Oakville, STLCo/JeffCo line): Open

HD86 (STLCo, Chesterfield/Wildwood): Open

HD87 (Parts of Christian, Greene, Webster): Fraker (R)

HD88 (STLCo, Town and Country and Des Peres): Allen (R), McNary (R) and Stream (R)

HD89 (STLCo (Wildwood) and Franklin County (Washington)): Jones (R)

HD90 (NE Jefferson, Murphy): McCaherty (R-Murphy)

HD91 (STLCo, Maplewood SW to Kirkwood): Kirkton (D)

HD92 (Wright County, parts of Douglas/Webster/Laclede): Dugger (R)

HD93 (STLCo, Ballwin south to STLCo/JeffersonCo line): Scharnhorst (R) and Koenig (R)

HD94 (STLCo, Chesterfield, Ballwin, Ellisville): Gosen (R)

HD95 (STLCo, Sunset Hills, Fenton): Leara (R)

HD96 (STLCo, STL/STLco line, Affton, Green Park, Mehlville, Oakville): Sifton (D) and Brown (R)

HD97 (STLCo, Webster Groves and Crestwood): Open

HD98 (Eastern Franklin County): Hinson (R) and Curtman (R)

HD99 (SW St. Charles and SE Warren): Open

HD100 (STLCo, STL/STLCo line, Lemay, Mehlville, Oakville): Haefner (R)

HD101 (Jefferson County, Imperial, Arnold, Barnhart): Wieland (R)

HD102 (Jefferson County, Arnold, SW around MO-21): Open

HD103 (Jefferson County, Herculaneum/Festus): Open

HD104 (Parts of Jefferson, Perry, and Ste. Genevieve Counties. Crystal City/Ste. Genevieve/Perryville): Fallert (D-Ste. Genevieve)

HD105 (NW Jefferson County, Cedar Hill, High Ridge): Open

HD106 (Washington County, part of Crawford and St. Francois counties): Fitzwater (R)

HD107 (St. Francois County, Park Hills, Desloge, Bonne Terre, Farmington): Linda Black (D)

HD108 (SE STL): Hummel (D)

HD109 (Hickory and Dallas Counties. Parts of Laclede, Camden, and Benton Counties): Crawford (R) and Franklin (R)

HD110 (Parts of Jefferson [Hillsboro, De Soto], St. Francois [French Village] and Ste. Genevieve [countryside]): Harris (D)

HD111 (Gasoncade County and NW Franklin County): Dieckhaus (R)

HD112 (Parts of Johnson (Knob Noster), Lafayette (Concordia), Saline (Sweet Springs), Pettis (La Monte), and Benton (Lincoln) Counties): Hoskins (R), Cox (R) and Brown (R)

HD113 (Most of Jefferson City): Barnes (R)

HD114 (Part of Jefferson City, SE Cole County, SW Osage County (Westphalia)): Bernskoetter (R)

HD115 (Parts of Henry (Clinton), Benton (Warsaw), Morgan (Gravois Mills) and Camden (Climax Springs): Largent (R)

HD116 (Most of Miller and Part of Moniteau Counties): Jones (R)

HD117 (Maries County. Parts of Pulaski (Dixon), Phelps (St. James), and Crawford (Cuba/Steelville)): Open (Termed-out incumbent)

HD118 (SW Franklin and NW Crawford): Schatz (R)

HD119 (Cooper County. Parts of Benton, Morgan and Moniteau Counties): Schad (R)

HD120 (Bates County. Parts of Cass (Archie/Drexel), Henry (Windsor), Johnson (Chihowee/Leeton), and Vernon (Metz, Schell City)): Open

HD121 (Eastern Pettis (Sedalia) and SE Saline Counties): Open

HD122 (St. Clair County. Parts of Cedar (El Dorado Springs) and Vernon (Nevada) counties): Open (termed-out incumbent)

HD123 (Cass County. Raymore, Part of Pleasant Hill): Brattin (R)

HD124 (Cass County. Belton, Peculiar): Molendorp (R)

HD125 (Cass County (Harrisonville) and Johnson County (Holden): Open

HD126 (Jasper County. Carthage): Flanigan (R)

HD127 (Jasper County. Joplin): Open

HD128 (Jasper County. Webb City/Joplin): Davis (R)

HD129 (Barton and Dade Counties. Part of Jasper and Lawrence Counties): Kelley (R)

HD130 (Newton County. Neosho): Lant (R), White (R), and Reiboldt (R)

HD131 (McDonald County. Parts of Newton (Seneca, Fairview); Open

HD132 (Montgomery County. Parts of Callaway (Fulton), Lincoln and Warren): Korman (R)

HD133 (Polk County and Parts of Cedar (Stockton): Entlicher (R)

HD134 (Lawrence County): Ruzicka (R)

HD135 (Springfield): Burlison (R)

HD136 (Ozark): Open

HD137 (Springfield): Leach (R) and Hough (R)

HD138 (Springfield): Open (termed out incumbent)

HD139 (Carroll County. Parts of Ray (Richmond), Chariton (Brunswick), Livingston (East of Chillicothe), Linn (West of Brookfield), Grundy (Trenton) and Sullivan (SW Corner): Open

HD140 (Springfield): Denison (R)

HD141 (Nixa): Elmer (R)

HD142 (Parts of Christian, Stone, and Taney Counties): Phillips

HD143 (Ozark County. Parts of Taney and Douglas Counties): Rowland (R)

HD144 (Springfield): Open

HD145 (SW Greene County. Republic): Long (R)

HD146 (Parts of Laclede (Lebanon), Pulaski (Richland), Camden (Montreal), and Texas (Plato) Counties): Open (Termed-out incumbent)

HD147 (Waynesville and Fort Leonard Wood): Open

HD148 (North Greene County. Willard, Strafford): Schoeller (R)

HD149 (Phelps County. Rolla): Frederick (R)

HD150 (Parts of Crawford (Cherryville), Dent (everything except the SE corner), and Texas Counties (Houston)): Smith (R)

HD151 (Parts of Douglas (Eastern), Howell (West Plains), and Texas (Cabool) counties): Open (termed out incumbent)

HD152 (Carter, Iron, Reynolds, and Shannon Counties. Parts of Dent (SE notch, Mark Twain Forest), St. Francois (Iron Mountain Lake), and Wayne (Piedmont) Counties): Open

HD153 (Oregon County. Parts of Howell (Mountain View) and Ripley Counties (Everything West of Fairdealing): Open (term-limits)

HD154 (Parts of Butler (Popular Bluff) and Ripley (Fairdealing)): Cookson (R) and Richardson (R)

HD155 (Parts of Camden (Camdenton, Osage Beach), Morgan (Laurie) and Miller (Lake Ozark) Counties): Open

HD156 (Parts of Cape Girardeau (Jackson) and Scott (Chaffee) counties): Lichtenegger (R)

HD157 (Bollinger County. Parts of Cape Girardeau County and Perry County): Keeney (R)

HD158 (Cape Girardeau and Scott City): Wallingford (R)

HD159 (Parts of Butler (Eastern), Dunklin (Malden outskirts), Stoddard (Dexter), and Wayne (Wappapello) Counties): Hampto
n (R)

HD160 (Parts of Mississippi (NW corner), New Madrid (Northern), Scott (Sikeston), and Stoddard (Eastern) counties): Open (Brandom running for Senate)

HD161 (Madison County. Parts of Butler (North), St. Francois (Doe Run) and Wayne (Most of the county) Counties): Open

HD162 (Parts of Dunklin (Malden) Mississippi (most of the county), New Madrid (most of the county) and Pemiscot (Hayti and all points north) Counties): Hodges (D)

HD163 (Parts of Dunklin (Most of the county)) and Pemiscot (Caruthersville/Hayti Heights): Open (termed out incumbent)

Next-up, the “minimal changes” Republican map. How minimal will the changes be? well, you can trust a phrase used by political people, can’t you?