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Not every turncoat Democrat in the Missouri House has an office on the third floor of the Capitol with the Republican leadership, but if a Democrat does have an office there, she might as well tattoo “traitor” on her forearm. Admittedly, you already knew what to think of Jamilah Nasheed and Penny Hubbard for their vote Wednesday to hand the redistricting goodies to Republicans. Traitors both. Thanks to them, Democrats are consigned to having only two of eight Congressional seats–hardly representative of the way Missourians vote.

Nasheed and Hubbard share office 317. They belong in the august company of Rodney Hubbard and Ted Hoskins, who were also on the third floor–and deserved to be.


Republican speaker of the House Steve Tilley, flanked by Nasheed

What doth it profit a woman if she gains the whole world and loses her own soul? But for a third floor office, ladies? Well, they might be getting a lot more for their treachery than the office space, but I wouldn’t know about under the table deals.

Nasheed is claiming that she did it to protect Clay’s seat.

Nasheed, who said some House Democrats threatened to kick her out of their caucus for her vote, said she was not concerned with what the Democratic Party wanted the map to look like, explaining, “I’m black before I’m a Democrat.”

“My concern is the 1st Congressional District and what is good for the 1st Congressional District,” she added.

Right. Like having only two Democrats instead of three in the Missouri delegation to the House is likely to help the people in the 1st Congressional District? She just handed Paul Ryan another vote in his war on poor people, and there are plenty of poor, BLACK people in the 1st.

Don’t try to sell us that bullshit, Nasheed. Just take your thirty coins of silver and shut up.

(Photo courtesy of MoNewsHorizon)