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I don’t know if anyone has posted the link to the Voter Protection Alliance page yet. Look at the list of endorsers.  This should be an “interesting” project.  I worked with libertarians and property rights people a year ago in Franklin County to thwart a charter rule effort that would have handed all decision making over to developers.  I found the folks on the opposite end of the political spectrum from me very cooperative, hard working and loyal to the cause.  As long as we didn’t talk about anything other than charter rule !

Rep. Scott Sifton of Affton (St. Louis County) deserves huge credit for leading the effort to push back against the overreaching Missouri legislators who think the Capitol is their private club.

We will be gathering signatures this year and voting next year on a constitutional amendment to require 3/4 vote of both houses to override a law passed by citizen initiative petition.  It’s about time.