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…and ration health care for seniors, and turn the elderly out of nursing homes.

@RepHartzler Rep. Vicky Hartzler

Paul Ryan’s unveiling our budget proposal for the next 10 years–cuts over $6 trillion and reforms our government. Smart, bold, proposal. 5 Apr

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Others aren’t so enthusiastic:

Budget Office: GOP Medicare Plan Could Lead To Rationing

Remember all those allegations from Republicans that the Affordable Care Act would inevitably lead to health care rationing? It turns out the same might be true of the House GOP budget plan for Medicare.

At least that’s the conclusion of the Congressional Budget Office….

Posted at 06:59 PM ET, 04/06/2011

10 concluding thoughts on Ryan’s budget

By Ezra Klein

….The idea that conservatives believe the savings in Ryan’s plan are realistic while those in the Affordable Care Act aren’t boggles the mind. For one thing, Ryan includes the supposedly unrealistic savings from the Affordable Care Act; they can’t be realistic in Ryan’s budget but not realistic in the ACA. For another, the ACA’s savings are more modest, and the law has many, many more ways to attain them than simply saying “the government promises not to spend more than inflation, even if spending less means millions of seniors and disabled Americans will have no health care….”

The reviews keep coming in. Paul Ryan laid an egg. And Vicky Hartzler is content to clap louder.