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From the Democratic Governors Association:

Announcer: Welcome to the world of Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder. Where every fancy hotel has an open door, every audit is just a suggestion, and every dime comes from you, the taxpayer. It’s living luxury at your expense.

The odd and eccentric Kinder defines The Suite Life with three hundred and twenty-nine days spent in St. Louis hotels like the plush Chase Park Plaza, the Ritz-Carlton, and the Four Seasons at Lummiere Place Casino, known for its high stakes gambling.

But what sets this fancy politico apart from the pack is that he’s put it all on the public tab. The Post-Dispatch says he’s raked up thousands and thousands of dollars in hotel bills while in office.

Kinder’s been living it up. Sparkling chandeliers, plush spas, and well stocked mini bars. Expensive French restaurants, galas, society balls, and fancy fundraisers with his lobbyists friends. That’s Peter Kinder’s Suite Life. And it’s all on the taxpayer bill.

And Kinder refuses to apologize, saying:

Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder (r): Now I am not gonna apologize.

Announcer: Tell Peter Kinder we can’t afford to bankroll his Suite Life.

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(hat tip to our good friends at Fired Up)

Ooh, that’s gonna leave another mark.

And to think, Missouri could have had Bekki Cook (D) instead.