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That’s the rationale behind blaming Nixon if unemployed workers don’t get that extension to 99 weeks from the federal government. Four state senators–Lembke, Nieves, Schaaf, and Kraus–are filibustering to prevent Missouri from accepting free federal funds for the long-term jobless. If they succeed, we’ll be unique: the only state stupid enough to send its federal funds to some other state.

But the senators aren’t unreasonable. Oh no. If they can get Nixon to turn down other stimulus funds, they’ll give up the filibuster against jobless benefits. And if Nixon doesn’t kowtow, then:

“he’s more interested in paying for pet projects and pork than helping the families in Missouri that on Friday he said were his priority,” said Sen. Brian Nieves, R-Washington.

Republicans have a nasty habit of holding somebody’s kid at gunpoint and making ransom demands. That’s bad enough, but then they blame the kidnapping on the parents (or on Obama or on Nixon).  

And they ain’t honest in other ways as well. When a reporter asked them about their assertions that these workers are “gaming the system”, Nieves got hot. (Well, that’s Nieves.) “Which one of us have EVER said anything remotely similar to that?” Lembke, who was standing next to Nieves at the podium didn’t say a word about this published quotation of his: “‘People need to get off their backsides and get a job.'” Furthermore, the reporter quoted Schaaf, 13 minutes earlier, saying that it’s outrageous to take money from one worker and give to another who should be working.

I’m past being surprised at wingnuts being wingnuts.