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They argue that cutting off unemployment benefits at 79 weeks for Missourians could help the employment picture in the longterm because it would force those the idlers collecting it until 99 weeks to get off their bums and find a job.

Let me explain it one more time: One job = six applicants. It’s true even at Wal-Mart, so let’s not hear any more about PhDs who won’t work in nursing homes. Lembke can just drop the anecdotal nonsense:

Lembke said some employers–such as a home-health care company and a Jefferson County manufacturer–have told him they have trouble finding workers willing to take $10- to $15-an-hour jobs.

Every fifth grader, not just the smart ones, can tell you that if you give money to a person who is desperate for it, he will spend it. And store owners who are desperate for customers will be glad to see the poor man come in with cash. Thus, the economy gets happier.

That’s fifth grade economics. I don’t see Lembke qualifying this June for a promotion from fourth grade.

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