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Another “24 Hour Expenditure Report” from the folk(s) opposed to the renewal of the Kansas City earnings tax on the April 5th ballot, via the Missouri Ethics Commission:


FREEDOM PAC [pdf] 3/31/2011

1. Total Receipts For This Election Previously Reported $476,000.01

8. Total All Receipts This Election $476,000.01

14. Total Expenditures This Election $472,098.54

27. Money On Hand at the close of this reporting period $32,145.40

34. Total Indebtedness at the Close of This Reporting Period $55,331.00

[emphasis added]

That’s a lot of money. Too bad we can’t figure out who’s bankrolling the bankrollers.

And what did they spend in the previous twenty-four hours?:


FREEDOM PAC [pdf] 3/31/2011

B. Itemized Expenditures All Over $100

Suede Group

5370 NW 95th Street

Prairie Village KS 66207


Video Work


Axiom Strategies, LLC

1251 NW Briarcliff Pkwy

Suite 85

Kansas City MO 64116


Various — Invoice #1463


[emphasis added]


General Addendum:

Axiom Strategies, LLC — Invoice #1463 — Neighborhood Canvassing & Data Collection; Tele-Town Hall (3/29/11) and


We’re curious. Is this just wingnut welfare?

If the earnings tax is approved it’ll come up for a vote again in five years thanks to a billionaire and the millions of dollars he spent on Proposition A. Do you think the same consultants will be taking care of any future campaigns?

Wouldn’t it have been easier and cheaper just to cut them a check directly and save everyone else the time and expense? Just asking.


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