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Ever get the feeling that some Economic Conservatives read Robin Hood to their kids to scare them?

Oh yeah, the suspense, who is “robbin” you in Republican funhouseland?

Considering that the “Christian families” robocalls got to a lot of pissed off moderates, the odds of the anti-EFCA stuff being send to Union-friendly households is pretty damned good.

Oh yeah, the sources are the same as in this mailer. Only the previous mailer did not have a goofy photoshop job.

1. Cap and Trade is not likely to pass in it’s current form due to the thing we call the Senate, and also special interest groups. And barring a result not expected by anybody, Cap and Trade will probably not wind up in front of the House in the next session, and would need some extensive changes (or better public relations) before it’s moved for again.

2. The source on the card check claim is still slightly up in the air (it’s an online newspaper!) and seems to be an example of “give us what we want or we start hurting people” politics. If Republican politicians were as concerned about jobs emigrating to foreign lands are they are concerned about immigrants from foreign lands, then maybe they’d do something to stop outsourcing. But then again, they’re joined at the hip with the outsourcers.

3. Why do Republicans hate making sure that Medicare could last longer? Oh yeah, because they don’t want Medicare to exist at all. And they’re being opportunistic, claiming they like Medicare, which is a lie, to try and manipulate people into voting them into office. Not to mention that their health care plan is to essentially dismember health care with the promise that the parts they “really” support can be maintained after they disembowel the rest of the law.

The preceding mailer was brought to you by

And an unhindered picture of the goofy Robin Hood/Hamburglar getup that they put Robin in for this flier.

Obviously the MRSC works with stuff that is better than MSPaint. If it weren’t for that part of the flier, I may not have scanned it, because it’s the same old stuff that they sent me a few weeks ago. They need to work harder to stop letting the other clients in their office steal all the ‘good’ citations.