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Previously: HRCC robocall in the 121st Legislative District: desperation and homophobia (October 27, 2010)

The Missouri HRCC has stepped in it with their desperate and homophobic robocalls in legislative district races across the state and the story has gone national:

Robocall Attacks Missouri Dem For Ties To Hardcore, Gay Pornography

First Posted: 10-28-10 09:42 AM   |   Updated: 10-28-10 09:42 AM

While the closing weeks of the 2008 presidential campaign were defined in part by a series of nasty robocall attacks on Barack Obama, there has been a noticeable absence of the campaign technique in the 2010 elections.

Among congressional candidates, only a few have used robocalls — a relatively cheap form of blitzing voters with an automated message — to push headline-grabbing messages. The real memorable ones, indeed, have taken place at the local level, often with groups trying to micro-target social conservative voters.

On Wednesday, a group called the House Republican Campaign Committee (presumably an arm of the Missouri Republican Party) released a robocall attacking Courtney Cole, a state representative in Missouri, for having ties to the “hardcore pornography industry, including gay pornography…”

…The ties-to-hard-core-porn charge borders on a self-parody of an attack ad….

Uh, Courtney Cole (D) is a candidate for state representative. If the Huffington Post had bothered to read and linked to our post (and done a little basic research there) they would have figured that out. They didn’t throw us a link. They did use the earlier version of our video, with the single typo. Heh. We did put our name and URL on the end credits.

And, lo and behold, the stenographer posted the story:

Dirty pool to a new level? Democrats cry foul over apparent spate of GOP robo-calls

Missouri Democrats are up in arms about what they call a series of automated phone calls being made to voters in the 121st state House district just south and east of KC.

The calls target Courtney Cole, the Democratic candidate for state rep. She’s running against incumbent Rep. Denny Hoskins, a Warrensburg Republican.

The script…

Uh, that was our transcription. and like the Huffington Post the Star uses the early version of our video without linking to our post.

The HRCC also did something very similar in the 124th Legislative District with a robocall on the same day attacking representative Luke Scavuzzo (D):

Female voice: This is an urgent alert for all Christian families. Before you vote you should know that state representative Luke Scavuzzo has taken hundreds in campaign donations from a representative of the hard core pornography industry, including gay pornography. By allowing his Democrat campaign to be funded by those who are involved with and support hard core pornography we are disappointed that Luke Scavuzzo apparently no longer shares our Christian family values. On election day stand up for what’s right and decent by voting no on Luke Scavuzzo. Paid for by House Republican Campaign Committee, Inc.

That’s a different voice than the one on the robocall attacking Courtney Cole (D).

Is anyone gonna ask the HRCC’s Executive Director his opinion about the religious values of Democratic candidates across the state of Missouri? Just wondering.