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A big thanks to Uncertified Public Accountant William James Norris for brightening up our lives with this money quote:

“I assure you if I was going to fake a degree, it would do so from a better school than William Jewell College.”

The extended story: Norris said he graduated from William Jewell (they said he dropped out), said worked as a financial controller for a company that didn’t exist, and advertised himself as a CPA when no records exist to support his claim. Norris won the Republican primary for County Auditor by 195 votes despite questions being public about his claims to be a CPA. As part of the Republican Party’s three strikes policy, Norris was unendorsed in his bid to become Clay County Auditor.

Norris will be facing Clay County Auditor Sheila Ernzen on November 2nd. Ernzen is using this opportunity to notify voters about Norris before they vote based on party affiliation.

Norris would like to assure voters that if he was going to fake a resume to run for office, he would do it for a better job than Clay County Auditor.