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The Missouri republican party continues to prop up Denny Hoskins (r-noun, verb, CPA) with attack mail directed at Courtney Cole (D) in the 121st Legislative District race.

The mail piece disclaimer. Ah, the usual suspects.

The Missouri republican party filed their “8 Day Before General Election” campaign finance report with the Missouri Ethics Commission on October 25th:

Detailed Summary of Expenditures And Contributions Made


ReportDate: 10/25/2010

Majority Strategies Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 10/11/2010 IE direct expenditure Hos $6,970.74

Majority Strategies Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 10/21/2010 IE direct expenditure Hos $3,074.27

Majority Strategies Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 10/06/2010 IE direct expenditure Hos $6,151.58

[emphasis added]

No wonder Denny Hoskins’ (r) campaign hasn’t spent much on mail. Everyone else is doing it for him.

Let’s see. They continue to recycle this stuff from their previous attack mail:

“…Cole is a card-carrying member of a liberal special interest group…”

Uh, Courtney Cole (D) is a high school teacher. The footnote refers to the Missouri National Education Association (MNEA), a group which advocates for our children and our public schools.

Uh, didn’t that “card carrying” bullshit go out with the anti-fluoridation whack jobs from the fifties? Apparently not. Same type of right wing extremists, different wedge issues….

“…is funded and backed by radical politicians and interest groups…”

The republican leadership in the Missouri General Assembly? Really? Oh, wait…

How Nixonian (Richard) – you know, he was found to have voted with Vito Marcantonio.

Here’s they stoopid and lazy:

No specifics, just guilt by innuendo. Maybe no one will bother to look anything up, eh?

Nothing about paying taxes on time, either. Interesting.