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If Roy Blunt were asked “Is Medicare is a waste or is it necessary?” he’d answer … yes. Because he wants it both ways. He voted for Paul Ryan’s plan to privatize it, and in a radio interview last year,  he said about Medicare and Medicaid:

Government should never have gotten into the health care business.

Then this year, he was filmed saying to supporters: “Medicare has never done anything to make people more healthy.”

But when Robin Carnahan confronted him with these statements in their debate, he was indignant:

“I have never said that,” Blunt said, moving from behind the podium and pointing directly at Carnahan.

When a candidate is such a chameleon, what is someone dependent on Medicare to think? So a group of of seniors who claim they have been more healthy because of Medicare–two of them say their lives were saved by it–went to the St. Louis “Friends of Roy Blunt” office to ask for clarification. The issue didn’t get any clearer for them because the staffers who talked to them wanted to take their phone numbers and arrange some future meeting. Maybe at the end of his first term in office. Really, that offer was the equivalent of ‘The check is in the mail.’

The people who spoke to the senior citizens said that they themselves weren’t Blunt staffers and they couldn’t contact any of Blunt’s communications people.

“Well, if his communications people aren’t here,’ the visitors asked, “couldn’t you simply call one of them? We could have a phone conference right now and get some answers.”

“Oh, we’re so sorry,” they apologized. “We can’t do that.”

They’re in upper Mongolia, where Skype and cell phones don’t work.

When the seniors argued that it’s not easy to get a group together again for some vague, far distant conference, and that they wanted to talk to someone now, the young woman involved got snippy about making them leave. Her words were “I’m asking you politely to leave,” but her tone said, “You troublesome old geezers, who cares whether you have Medicare or not?”

Eventually, the staffers called the cops, and the senior citizens had to leave without answers. We’ll just have to guess where Roy stands on Medicare.