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With the news of Roy Blunt having his own illegal housekeeper problem, it’s worth highlighting this quote before we go deep into this post.

“I decided that if the guy you know best at Immigration and Naturalization happens to be the person in charge, then it’s all right to direct your correspondence to him”

Perhaps the most illuminating part of the story released on Tuesday is that it shows once again the Roy Blunt philosophy on government. The Roy Blunt philosophy of government seems to involve his family and allies getting first dibs and the rest of us getting the leftovers.

Roy Blunt is someone who asked “How bad do you want this job to be?” when criticized for riding the pay-raise train over his 14 years in Congress. It’s not about doing the right thing, it’s about the power and privilege and the ability to have it trickle down to the friends and family.

Back in 1990 when he was pulling out the stops for someone who his campaign wants you to believe was just helpful at church events, Roy Blunt was showing a preview of what we know he has done in the last 14 years in Congress. Also when it comes to the Dora Narvaez story, there must have been a lot of church events, some of which must have occurred at Roy Blunt’s house, since Dora Narvaez said that she worked for Blunt.

For someone whose political peak before moving up the Republican ladder involved pointing out that Bill Webster was engaging in Pay for Play in a memorable ad, Roy Blunt rode the pay for play merry-go-round to new horizons. Look at UPS, who rode the merry-go-round, giving thousands to Blunt, employing Andy Blunt as a lobbyist, and getting favors from Congress (such as the 2003 Night Assault). To be a bit more fair, A lot of companies employed Andy Blunt, just check out the list. Enough companies employ Andy Blunt as a lobbyist that he can survive as the unpaid campaign manager to Roy Blunt.

I’m sure that the rise of Andy Blunt to “lobbyist for the stars” was a merit hiring from the beginning (hey, you don’t know if they have a lobbyist civil service exam!) and not a avenue to improve relations with a virtuous noble man like Roy Blunt. If you think a successful unpaid campaign manager who doubled as a lobbyist for 21 companies (with many more that he worked for in the past) isn’t making up for lost income if his dad is elected in 2 weeks, then you have too much confidence for your own good.

The twisting of the Wind Farm into some sort of sinister fable where Obama personally inserted money for Tom Carnahan to repay Robin for the election just scores how little they have on Robin Carnahan and how defensive they have to be when it comes to Roy Blunt’s record. It’s almost like you need to use a funhouse mirror to distort reality to match what they’ve said about the wind farm.

The Universal Rules of Politics include “There will be food at events that you won’t pay for”, “Every politician wishes they were an only child at least once”, and “Attack someone on something which is a weekness of yours”. Let’s just say that Blunt proved a universal rule in the last months.

There’s a risk of turning a story of Roy Blunt’s friends and family pay for play plan into an internet version of In-a-gadda-da-vida. After all, both his unpaid campaign manager and his wife can be referenced in regards to the Philip Morris incident of 2002. You could figure out how many corporate jets Roy Blunt rode on and if he could explain them all away. You could drag the failed One-term Governor Matt Blunt out of the obscurity that he was sentenced to in order to reference some more great moments in the history of Roy Blunt’s friends and family plan. Heck, you could even make the liner notes out of ten pages of “Roy Blunt unfit to lead“. Some politicians only produce corruption in concentrated pellets, Roy Blunt has produced an assembly line of corruption for 14 years.

The Blunt saga hasn’t been completely told this morning. There’s still more to be told and more to be unveiled.

So.. In conclusion, The United States Senate is a body whose members wield heavy hammers and the potential to make things happen, either positive things for the nation or positive things for a very few.

The record of Roy Blunt as a House member is enough to be pretty sure that his election to the Senate would be Christmas day for the corporations and the professional lobbyists who have rode the friends and family pay to play merry-go-round with Roy Blunt for 14 years.

After all, why would he change his way of doing business in the next six years if he’s rewarded on November 2nd?