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The Missouri republican party has been dumping attack mail against Lexi Norris (D) in the 30th Legislative District open seat race. Apparently Missouri republicans have an unlimited amount of money to throw around to prop up their candidates thanks to dubya’s tax breaks for the top 1% and no campaign finance limits.

The usual suspects are writing the checks…

Think of it as wingnut welfare for republican political operatives.

Ah, an agricultural theme.

Missouri republicans probably don’t get their unintentional irony given that Lexi Norris (D) was “…raised on a Missouri Century Farm in Weston…”

Uh, she worked at a law firm (which she no longer works for) which, as part of it’s practice did some advocacy for their clients which involved getting governmental business/subsidies/whatever. Hell, we may as well lock up the entire republican party and throw away the key if that’s a morals charge by association that sticks. Oh, sorry, we forgot. *IOKIYAR

Their citation is from a student newspaper at the University of Missouri – Lexi Norris (D) was a senior and lobbied for higher education funding, including scholarships for students. The question then becomes, why does the Missouri republican party hate education and students? Just asking.

*it’s okay if you’re a republican

The Missouri State Democratic Party has paid for some positive mail on behalf of Lexi Norris (D):

It’s nice to see an occasional piece of positive political mail.