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“Noun, Verb, CPA”: Hoskins (r) mail attack on Cole (D) in the 121st Legislative District race (October 8, 2010)

Hoskins (r) mail attack on Cole (D) in the 121st Legislative District race, part 2 (October 9, 2010)

Courtney Cole, the Democratic Party candidate challenging the republican incumbent in the 121st Legislative District, had her first campaign mail piece out the same weekend as the two Missouri republican party mail pieces attacking her. There is quite a contrast in content and who’s paying for these mailings when compared to those on behalf of that incumbent republican. Courtney Cole’s mail was paid for by her campaign:

The mail piece was paid for by the campaign and it was printed in a shop that pays workers a living wage.

The mail piece itself shows that Courtney Cole is a teacher with a background in the community that will help her in her work to find constructive solutions to the problems we currently face in this state:

Courtney Cole is a local school teacher…

Courtney learned the importance of hard work and community service from her parents and grandparents…

Courtney will work to strengthen small businesses and create jobs for our local economy. She is a member of the Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce and Business Women of Missouri.

Now that’s a positive and constructive outlook from a candidate for their district.

We’re certain there will be more to come – from both candidates.