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Previously: “Noun, Verb, CPA”: Hoskins (r) mail attack on Cole (D) in the 121st Legislative District race

Look who’s paying for all those really slick attack mail pieces. Do you think the incumbent is having trouble raising grassroots cash so he can do his own mail? Or is this all just a charade with a touch of plausible deniability thrown in? Just asking.

Today there was another attack mail piece paid for by the Missouri republican party on behalf of Denny Hoskins (r-noun, verb, CPA) directed at Courtney Cole (D) in the 121st legislative District race.

Again, it appears that a republican incumbent with no record of achievement and a tax payment problem has to be propped up by their party apparatus with irrelevant wedge issue attack pieces.

I wonder, did the Missouri republican party have to pay a royalty for using the Obama campaign logo?

At times republicans do have problems with the asking permission thing.

The desperation on the inside of the mailing:

We understand that the photos the republicans copped for this mailing probably came from events years back when Courtney Cole was honored by a professional business organization. Ironic, eh?

The interior of the attack piece.

“…Cole is a card-carrying member of a liberal special interest group…”

Uh, Courtney Cole (D) is a high school teacher. The footnote refers to the Missouri National Education Association (MNEA), a group which advocates for our children and our public schools.

Uh, didn’t that “card carrying” bullshit go out with the anti-fluoridation whack jobs from the fifties? Apparently not. Same type of right wing extremists, different wedge issues.

“…extreme agenda of government-run health care, amnesty for illegal aliens, and same sex marriage…”

Government run health care? You mean like Medicare and the Veterans Administration. Is Denny Hoskins advocating getting rid of Medicare and health care for our veterans? Just asking.

Amnesty for illegal aliens? You mean like the 2008 republican presidential candidate? We have to suspect that Denny Hoskins (r) didn’t vote for Obama because of this mailing, so he had to have supported McCain, right? So much for consistency from republicans.

The gays are here, the gays are here, run for the hills…

When you can’t talk about supporting our public schools, economic development and creating jobs all you can do beat the distraction drum with the usually republican wedge issues. Typical.