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There’s a first time for everything, so Congrats to Robin Carnahan’s campaign on being sued by Faux News and here’s some “best of” from this situation.

“The Carnahan Ad is designed to make it appear as if Wallace – a trusted journalist – is instead speaking as a campaign operative,” the suit says.

1. They have trusted journalists at Faux News? That’s a pretty big claim to make in a lawsuit.

2. Obviously Faux personalities would not act as campaign operatives. Ask Mike Castle. They have a shock collar hidden to prevent that activity.

The suit, which says that Wallace won every major broadcast news award, claims the Carnahan ad “intruded upon Wallace’s private self-esteem and dignity; and caused him emotional or mental distress and suffering.”

If you’re gonna go for the lawsuit, go 100% and make up as much favorable stuff as possible. I hope that his kids weren’t made fun of at school too.

Fox’s suit asks the judge to yank the commercial from the air – its already been taken off YouTube — and order the Carnahan campaign to pay “reasonable attorneys’ fees” and undetermined monetary damages.

So Faux is off the bandwagon for tort “reform”?

Fox News is being represented by Lathrop and Gage in Kansas City.

No kidding?

Probably that a Republican would be getting sued by Faux for using a Faux news appearance to make their Democratic opponent look bad: -6% (they’d probably air the ad for free)

We wish Chris Wallace and Faux News a speedy recovery from effects of that ad existing. We know it’s been so hard. Since people never lie/distort on legal filings.

Kind of hard to argue the ad isn’t having an effect when Faux has to run defense for Roy Blunt. You don’t sue over ineffective ads.