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Contrast this, from State Auditor Susan Montee (D)…

….It is a wonderful job because there are so many challenges and yet the rewards are so great. When we can find ways that we can increase efficiency and free up resources so we don’t have to have the kind of cuts that we are seeing right now it is a very good place to be in and a very good feeling to have. And so, it’s with those feelings, you know, that I say I’d like to continue to do the job for another four years….

….I have done a little reflecting on the last three and a half years and I really am proud of the work that we’ve done. We have reorganized the office, we’ve gone from four different divisions down to three, we’ve streamlined the way we do stuff, we do one type of report which means we can share resources so we can get more places, uh, we found all kinds of places to save, and, and make things more efficient. We, for the first time ever in Missouri history, won the national award for, uh, audit of the year, last year for our performance audit work on low income housing [applause]. And I have a whole stream of federal officials coming to work with us on the, uh, single audit work we were a part of the early reporting on weatherization. And ‘m working now with the Department of Energy and their inspector generals to make sure that we get all our money spent in the right way and that our stimulus money stimulates the economy in the way it’s supposed to do.

So, I’ve been approached by Republicans and Democrats alike to work on initiatives in their counties and in their cities. And I really feel like we have done a good job in our office and that people recognize the value of the office as a resource…

…with this, from republican State Auditor candidate Representative Allen Icet:

Video Time-line Shows Schweich’s Inconsistency

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Are Tom Schweich’s Song Writing Chops as Bogus as Conservative Credentials?

On March 29, 2010, a video, “Gimme Back my Freedom”, was posted on YouTube.  The video showcased Tom Schweich and a small group of young adults attempting to woo conservatives with targeted lyrics.  At the end of the video credit for the lyrics and music was given to Tom Schweich and he personally claimed the copyright in the video.

On April 7, 2010, Fired Up! found that the music was significantly like the song “Bohemian Like You”, which was written by Courtney Taylor-Taylor, the lead singer of Dandy Warhols.  Schweich later responded to the accusations through the Saint Louis Beacon, denying them and saying, “The words and music are my own.”

Then Fired Up! received documentation from the Dandy Warhols stating that a lawyer for Tom Schweich had contacted them to seek permission for the use of the music of their “Bohemian Like You” song, which they refused….

Then again, Representative Icet’s campaign website touts his endorsement by Sam Wurzelbacher.

Pass the popcorn.


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Hat tip to our good friends at Fired Up.