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Sigh, some people appear to have too much time on their hands and evidently never watch the Faux News Channel.

State Representative Mark Parkinson (r) via Twitter:

@MBersin (d-noun, cellist-verb) you will never be approved as “press” because smp is not a legitimate news organization.     10:48 PM May 8th  via Tweetie  from Harvester, MO   in reply to MBersin

Quite possibly in response to this exchange, directed by me to Chad Livengood:

@ChadLivengood “Introducing… your Missouri statehouse press corps!” – Heh. Bloggers need not apply, but the times they are a changin’…     9:35 PM May 8th  via web  in reply to ChadLivengood

The original from Chad Livengood via Twitter:

RT @christhedunn Introducing… your Missouri statehouse press corps! http://bit.ly/aXpX6o …….     8:35 PM May 8th  via txt  

You’d think that a republican state representative who ostensibly believes in the “free market” of ideas and communication wouldn’t make ex cathedra assertions about a noble entrepreneurial enterprise such as Show Me Progress. Heh.


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