Can the leopard (Roy Blunt) change its money-grubbing spots?


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So last Thursday (11/19) readers of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch were treated to a quarter-page ad that proclaimed in large letters “thank You Senator Blunt for protecting access to patient care.” The ad was paid for by the Federation of American Hospitals, a for-profit hospital lobbying group.

As near as I can make out Blunt’s service to the group consisted of advocacy against cutting down the federal subsidy that compensates for Medicare “bad debt.” This is the debt that occurs when Medicare beneficiaries cannot manage co-pays or other Republican-sponsored (and Blunt endorsed) outlays designed to make sure that our elderly have “got skin in the game.”

Laudable, right? But bear in mind that this is the same Senator Blunt who just a few years ago proclaimed that, “We’ve had Medicare since 1965, and Medicare has never done anything to make people more healthy.” It’s also the same Roy Blunt who has voted against just about any expansion of healthcare that hasn’t involved a subsidy to healthcare industry beneficiaries – folks who, incidentally, have done quite a lot of good for ol’ Roy in their turn. Healthcare industries and Big Pharma account for quite a sizable chunk of Blunt’s campaign dosh.

Not too different from Karl Rove’s PAC ads that tried to paint the Senator as a defender of veterans – the same Roy Blunt who voted over and over again against the best interests of veterans (see here and here for examples).

So what’s going on? Could it  have anything to do with the election next year which Roy is going into with a Senate approval ranking of 84 from the top? That’s 16 from the lowest posible ranking. Maybe a few of Roy’s constituents have finally caught on about who it is Roy seeks to serve.

Or it might possibly reflect the fact that Roy has some real competition this time around in the person of a actual veteran, Jason Kander? Somebody who just might not only try to walk the caring walk only during the few months before a possibly difficult  election, but every day, as a matter of principle.


We never get out of junior high school


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Apparently, Eric Greitens (r) and John Brunner (r), two of the 2016 republican gubernatorial candidates, aren’t happy with each other:

‘Oh my God, you are such a weasel!’ and other things pols say to each other behind the scenes

….Both campaigns confirmed this week that the recording is genuine, and Brunner’s campaign confirmed it made the recording….

Chris Koster (D) has got to be the luckiest politician in the history of civilization.


From Eric Greitens’ (r) campaign site:

When Leaders Refuse To Take Responsibility

Leaders don’t record private conversations and leak them to the media, sleazy politicians do. I’ve been in a lot of fights – in the boxing ring, in Navy SEAL training and in war zones. I can take a hit — but at least own up to it. What’s disgusting about politics is all the so-called “leaders” who hide behind others and refuse to take responsibility for their actions. That’s called cowardice. I have repeatedly challenged John Brunner to accept responsibility for these recent attacks, but like a typical politician, he has ducked and dodged. We don’t need more of that in Jefferson City. And that’s exactly why I’m running — to call out and defeat those who would rather play politics than tackle problems. Join us in this important fight for Missouri’s future. I can assure you we will win.

Catherine Hanaway (r) is probably really going to enjoy her Thanksgiving holiday.

Update II:

From someone associated with John Brunner’s (r) campaign:


Michael Hafner
‏@MichaelFHafner 1st Phone Call: Candidate (trained Navy SEAL) threatens/wants to meet at boxing gym. 2nd Call: Of course I’m going to advise to record. 2:13 PM – 24 Nov 2015

Pass the popcorn.

Peter Kinder (r) and Chris Koster (D) are probably really going to enjoy Thanksgiving this year, too.


Campaign Finance: it’s like a campaign contribution, only smaller – part 13 (November 13, 2015)

Campaign Finance: bet the farms


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Today at the Missouri Ethics Commission for Chris Koster’s (D) probable 2016 gubernatorial campaign:

C031159 11/23/2015 KOSTER FOR MISSOURI AGXPLORE International, LLC PO Box 638 Parma MO 63870 11/21/2015 $10,000.00

[emphasis added]

It continues.


Chris Koster (D) – July 2015 Campaign Finance Report (July 18, 2015)

Campaign Finance: No, tell us how you really feel… (October 2, 2015)

Campaign Finance: adding up (October 7, 2015)

Campaign Finance: just another really good day (October 19, 2015)

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Campaign Finance: making a statement (November 2, 2015)

Campaign Finance: electricity (November 9, 2015)

Independence USA PAC ad – Chris Koster (D) (November 11, 2015)

Campaign Finance: almost routine (November 14, 2015)

Campaign Finance: again, with the working people (November 17, 2015)

Welcome to our world


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Somebody else noticed today. We were worried there for a while.

From the Missouri Ethics Commission - November 23, 2015

From the Missouri Ethics Commission – November 23, 2015

MO Ethics Commission ‏@MOEthics is currently experiencing technical difficulties. We are working to resolve the issues. 8:24 AM – 23 Nov 2015

We went through withdrawal yesterday.

White House Petitions: pants wetters


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The land of the free and the home of the brave.

At the White House petition site:

We petition the Obama Administration to:
Immediately cease relocating Syrian “Refugees” to the United States due to terrorist and ISIS ability to infiltrate U.S.

This petition is requesting that our President place the security and lives of our citizens first by immediately ceasing all operations to relocate Syrians to the United States. The relocation efforts offer a channel for ISIS or like minded groups or extremists to enter our country in bulk posing a sever threat to public safety. It is not in the best interest of our Country to allow the relocation efforts to continue. Given recent terrorist attacks in France and the threats by ISIS to other major cities world wide and here in the U.S closing our borders to the “Refugees” is the only responsible action.

Published Date: Nov 14, 2015
Issues: Defense, Foreign Policy, Homeland Security and Disaster Relief

Signatures needed by December 14, 2015 to reach goal of 100,000 93,866
Total signatures on this petition 6,134

[emphasis added]

You’d think someone would have checked for typos.


We petition the Obama Administration to:
Place a Moratorium on all Refugee Resettlement from the Middle East in the Wake of the Paris Terror Attacks.

In the wake of the Jihad terror attacks in Paris of 13 November, we demand that an indefinite moratorium be placed on all refugee resettlement from Middle Eastern nations.

It has recently come to light that one of the Paris Jihad attackers possessed a Syrian passport and passed through Greece in October 2015. According to Nikos Toscas, Greece’s deputy minister in charge of police, “The holder of the passport passed through the island of Leros on Oct. 3, 2015, where he was identified according to EU rules.”

Seeing how this attacker easily exploited Europe’s refugee policies, we can only assume that others will exploit our generous, and porous, system in order to commit acts of terrorism on our sacred American soil.

Mr. President, WE demand an indefinite moratorium. Protect America!

Published Date: Nov 14, 2015
Issues: Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and Disaster Relief, Immigration

Signatures needed by December 14, 2015 to reach goal of 100,000 88,550
Total signatures on this petition 11,450

[emphasis added]

Am I the only one who remembers “freedom fries”?


Hey, Chris Koster, are you really listening? (November 18, 2015)

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (r): Quick, jump on that bandwagon of fear before it pulls away! (November 19, 2015)

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So it has been said, so it is written, so it is done.

Campaign Finance: it’s like a campaign contribution, only smaller – part 16


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We’re never gonna get tired of that joke. Especially if these contributions keep up.

Today at the Missouri Ethics Commission for Eric Greitens’ (r) 2016 gubernatorial campaign:

C151053 11/20/2015 GREITENS FOR MISSOURI Gordon Sondland 111 Southwest 5th Ave Suite 1001 Portland OR 97204 CEO & President Provenance Hotels 11/20/2015 $5,001.00

[emphasis added]

Nope, that’s another one who can’t vote in the republican primary.


Eric Greitens (r) – quarterly campaign finance report – April 15, 2015 (April 19, 2015)

Eric Greitens (r) – July 2015 Quarterly Campaign Finance Report (July 15, 2015)

Campaign Finance: there goes the whole “it’s a populist grassroots campaign” ad package (September 3, 2015)

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Eric Greitens (r) – October 2015 Quarterly Campaign Finance Report (October 17, 2015)

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Campaign Finance: it’s like a campaign contribution, only smaller – part 15 (November 19, 2015)


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