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Candidates filed today: 3

Runs scored by the Kansas City Royals in Spring Training: 3

Hm, now that’s a barometer worth following.

Republican Ken Gillespie of Albany filed in HD05. He will be facing former State Senator Glen Klippenstein of Maysville in the Republican Primary. Democrats Judy Wright of Turney and Mike Waltemath of King City have also filed for the seat opened up by the term-limit induced departure of Jim Guest. Clinton County (home county of Wright) has the most voters, but DeKalb County (home county of Klippenstein) has it’s share of voters. Gentry County (home county of Gillespie and Waltemath) has some voters (5K of around 35K voters). This is Waltemath’s fifth candidacy in a row, and I couldn’t blame voters if they went with someone else here.

Also, Republican Paul Curtman filed in HD105 to challenge incumbent Democrat Michael Frame. Republican Sue Entlicher of Bolivar filed in HD133. Entlicher is the second Polk County Republican to file (the other being Cal Coker of Bolivar). The third candidate is John Rummel of Stockton (Cedar County). Polk County has more voters than Cedar County in the district but a split might be helpful to Rummel’s hopes.

I’m not entirely sure if anything will happen with candidate filing tomorrow. If it does, i’ll pass it on sometime tomorrow night. If it doesn’t, it won’t. The over/under for today was hit on the head. The over/under for Monday is 4.