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The amount of damage a sumo wrestler inflicts by sitting on someone’s chest depends on whether he lowers his whole weight. And then bounces a few times. When VoteVets sat down on Roy Blunt’s chest last month with a $600,000 TV ad buy, they bounced a couple of times. After pointing out that the Christmas bomber was on that plane because of our oil addiction, the veteran narrating the ad mentioned Blunt’s vote against clean energy legislation. One bounce. It talked about the thousands he’s taken in campaign contributions from big oil. Another bounce. Oof.

Now VoteVets is unhappy with Claire for signing that letter “seeking to stop EPA regulation of CO2 emissions from ‘stationary sources’ (e.g. coal-burning utilities and factories).” They’ve just put out another ad.

They’re not going after Claire like they went after Roy. The ad mainly makes their case that getting off of oil is a national security issue. Oh yeah, it makes that case vividly. Then it mildly urges McCaskill to lead on this issue. Picture the sumo wrestler straddling her torso. He isn’t sitting down yet. Or bouncing. But he could.

Make sure she notices he’s there by signing the petition on the vets’ website.