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Day three of filing produced 7 more filings. Propelling our overall total all the way to 436.

The 7 who filed include two incumbents (Ryan McKenna, D-SD22 and Barney Joe Fisher, R-HD125). Also filing were Libertarian Steve Mosbacher of Manchester in the 2nd Congressional District. Former State Senator John Cauthorn of Mexico filed in HD21 (a district shaped like a giant on a tiny riding lawnmower), a seat opened by the terming out of Republican Steve Hobbs. 2008 Democratic candidate Kelly Schultz is running again in the 21st. Libertarian Teddy Fleck bounces back from his 2008 Lt. Gubernatorial campaign to run in the 140th. Democrat Simon Joe Boyer of Irondale filed in the 152nd. Boyer is probably making his first run since 2002 (unless Simon Joe Boyer and Joe Boyer are different people in Irondale) and the other Democratic candidate for this seat is Shane Van Steenis of Eminence, who also ran in 2002. And a the 7th filing was a Republican filing for Circuit Court Judge.

When it comes to the party candidate gap (233 to 177 now) being hyped by Lloyd Smith, it’s worth keeping in mind that Republicans have 9 candidates to succeed Kit Bond, 8 to succeed Roy Blunt, and close to 40 contested primaries (including 30 for open Republican seats). The fact that there’s 0 Democratic candidates against Todd Akin, Sam Graves or Blaine Luetkemeyer doesn’t hurt the Republican numerical advantage of 25 to 8 in Congressional races.

So, of course they have more candidates, because a lot of Republican seats are open and officeholders are trying to move up the ladder.

The Over/under for the number of Friday filers should be around 10. I think that a few more random people should show up and it’s a Friday. The only big bump in filers I see in the next week or so is when the five Congress members who haven’t filed get the chance to visit Jeff City. As for the state offices, I think there’s only one other Incumbent who hasn’t filed and is probably seeking re-election.