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Earlier I remarked on FiredUp!‘s report that Roy Blunt had been selected to be part of the House GOP’s “truth squad” monitoring today’s health care summit. The Kansas City Star captured what I think must have been a common reaction to this announcement:

So here’s a truth about that GOP truth squad: It won’t have to look very far to find “mistakes” and “errors” and even “lies” in Obama’s measure.

In fact, I would be very disappointed with Boehner and his truth squad if it didn’t already have all its “true” facts lined up right now, ready to trot out at a moment’s notice on Thursday.

And here’s the pudding that provides the proof of that wise prognostication:

Predigested focus group pablum – makes your blood boil doesn’t it? I’m getting pretty sick of Blunt et al. claiming to speak for Americans, and, in Blunt’s case, Missourians. He certainly doesn’t seem to be listening to me or anyone I know – and most of us definitely belong to both categories. But then again, perhaps Blunt is actually speaking for a very particular species of American – rich ones with skin in the insurance game.

If you don’t know what I mean, just consider the fact that beginning March 10, insurance lobbyists will be throwing three big fundraising bashes for Mr. Blunt – with suggested donations ranging from $1000 to $5000.  Kind of makes learning the truth-squad script worth the effort, doesn’t it?