Honestly, we didn't really want to believe that this required sharper illustration, but it seems like some people still don't understand the conflicts of interest, nepotistic loyalties and general Good-Ol'-Boy allegiances that appear to have driven the recent actions by the UCM Board of Governors.

If you, gentle reader, find yourself confused by the Benoit Wesly affair, boggled by the Podolefsky non-renewal or troubled by the burgeoning boondoggle that is the Top Secret Presidential Search process, please consider the following:

Starting with UCM Non-Employee Greg Hassler, one can trace an intriguingly intertwined path to UCM Board of Governors President Dick Phillips, which we aim to illustrate in a series of bog installments.  

 Greg Hassler  Part-Owner (one of four initial members) of D & H Media, LLC AM radio attacker of Ronnie Podolefsky and Aaron Podolefsky An obvious and unequivical Non-Employee of the University of Central Missouri Married to Carol Hassler On-Air Personality for the Central Sports Radio Network

After the jump, we Connect the Dots!


  Shawn Jones UCM Associate Athletic Director, External Operations whose duties include the "…awarding of broadcast rights…" The Voice of the Central Sports Radio Network Host of the KMOS-TV program Sportspage, the producer of which, the aptly named Mr. James Sales, is concurrently employed by KOKO radio Organizer of the UCM Athletics Auction which, in Shawn's estimation, has "…has netted $750,000 for UCM Athletics in its eight year history*  *At the 2009 festivities, one could bid in hopes of winning one of five items offered by the single most generous donors of auction items, Ed and Kathy Baker.  For example, last year, some lucky bidder was tempted by this scintillating evening…  

Catalog#: 32 Dinner for Eight on October 2, 2009 Enjoy a wonderful dinner at the home of Jerry and Vici Hughes, on Friday evening October 2, 2009.  Dinner for eight will be prepared by the Executive Chef of Churchill's Restaurant in Columbia.  You will be served by the professional staff of Churchill's.  You and your friends will be joined for dinner by UCM Board of Governors member Ed Baker and his wife Kathy,  UCM Athletic Director Jerry Hughes and his wife Vici, and Coach Kim and Melissa Anderson.  Cocktail hour begins at 6pm. Enjoy good company and great food. Courtesy of: Ed & Kathy Baker

 As chilling as that event sounds, we morbidly digress…  So, to whom did Shawn award the rights to broadcast UCM Sports? Any guesses? Anyone?  

Carol Hassler  Part-Owner (one of four initial members) of D & H Media, LLC Married to Greg Hassler Board of Directors of the UCM Alumni Association  
As it happens, Carol sits on the Alumni Board with…

John Culp   Board of Directors of the UCM Alumni Association UCM Athletics Program Development & Retention Coodinator

What Culp's professional responsibilities actually entail is anyone's guess, but clearly he develops and retains someone or something on behalf of the UCM Athletic Department.   Alongside Culp in the Athletic Department Staff Directory, one finds a young man with a familiar name…  

John Hicklin UCM Athletics Academic Advisor Son of UCM Board of Governors member Walter "Walt" Hicklin

That's Part One. More on the way… In the meantime, see if you can guess who's next.