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Heh. Senator Jolie Justus (D) via Twitter:

Rep Davis-I don’t know her, I didn’t serve w/her, I’m not friends w/her, but I can assure you, you’re no Sarah Palin. http://bit.ly/4MhNdC    31 minutes ago   from web  

Wingnut on wingnut primary cannibalism (“No, I’m further to the right than you are”) is commencing:

12.29.2009 12:15 pm

Rep. Cynthia Davis challenging Sen. Scott Rupp in GOP primary

By Mark Schlinkmann

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

…”I guess the best way to describe this race is I’m more like Sarah Palin and he’s more like John McCain,” Davis said…

And here I thought it wasn’t going to be any fun covering politics in Missouri this coming year…


Senator Scott Rupp (r-not sufficiently wingnutty for Cynthia Davis, but too much for anyone else) via Twitter:

I like elections….and this one is going to be fun    about 7 hours ago   from web

Yep, pass the popcorn.