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“Don’t be fooled. I don’t work for the interests of Big Oil or the Energy Industry. I work for the interests of Southwest Missourians …”

So says purveyor of cheap bridges, Roy Blunt. But:

Peabody Energy, formerly Peabody Coal, is the largest private coal company in the world. In the 2008 election cycle Peabody gave more money to Blunt than to any other member of the House of Representatives — $14,200. During ’08 cycle Blunt also received more money from Peabody Coal then all but two senators– both of whom were from coal producing states. Peabody owns no mines in southwest Missouri.

And those contributions are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s another 54 thou he got from the oil industry in the ’08 election cycle.

Hey, Roy? Your campaign donation slip is showing.

(photo coutesy of Wikimedia Commons)