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Update: Jay Nixon’s letter to legislators (.pdf file)

Seems like Governor Jay Nixon has some ideas about ethics reform too:

In a conference call with reporters Wednesday, Nixon outlined four components of what he would support in terms of reforming government:

— Restoration of campaign donation limits in the neighborhood of $1,200 to $1,300 for statewide candidates in primary and general elections.

— A ban on the practice of shifting campaign funds among committees in an effort to disguise the original source of the funds.

— A waiting period between when a lawmaker serves in office and then becomes a lobbyist.

— A prohibition of the practice of a lawmaker receiving money to act as a political consultant.

Good luck on getting point A enacted. The Republican General Assembly seems to think that allowing 5-digit campaign donation checks makes things more open and ethical.

Meanwhile in today’s campaign finance news, the House Republican Campaign Committee reported a $16275 donation from a St. Louis man and Jay Nixon reported a $25K donation from the “Lewis & Clark Regional Leadership Fund” (which apparently donated $50K to Kenny Hulshof last year). The fun never ends in the Texas-era of Missouri campaign finance. Big money big money no whammies.

Should be exciting to see how watered down the Republican “reform” bill ends up being.