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Edit: Happy days in Bluntland

Charlie Cook: “I suspect a Republican gain of between four and six seats [in the Senate], predicated on Democrats being unlikely to beat any Republican open-seat Senate candidate or being able to unseat any Republican Senate incumbent.”

Roy Blunt: “Charlie Cook, the respected independent, non-partisan analyst predicts our campaign will win”

If you can’t rely on a prediction made 11 months out, what can you rely on?


Political Fix: “Blunt sees silver lining in poll that gives slight edge to rival

Blunt’s campaign also showed reason for optimism in the poll’s finding that President Obama had a 47 percent approval rating among the 500 Missourians who participated in the telephone survey.

Which is one of the higher Obama approval ratings from recent polls i’ve seen in Missouri. Keep partying Roy, you’ll figure out better lines to use in your e-mails.