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Yesterday the Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal prominently featured an item on its editorial page previously published in the Springfield News-Leader:

10/29/2009 1:01:00 PM

Sun not shining


Some public bodies across Missouri … are wrongly handling the way they retreat into closed meetings…

Ah, a paean to accountability when it comes to public business.

Then, today, the Daily Star-Journal ran a rare signed editorial by the publisher, William James:

10/30/2009 7:23:00 AM

The bottom line


In today’s issue there is an AP story regarding the University of Central Missouri president and comments of treatment of his family by our community; his outstanding accomplishments and how well liked he is by a majority of tenured professors; and the unfairness of not having his contract renewed…

…They have voted not to renew President Podolefsky’s contract. They have no obligation to explain their votes to this newspaper, university staff or the general public. While I don’t necessarily agree with this policy in its entirety, it is simply the bottom line.

– Wm. James

Well Mr. James, maybe you’d think differently if you actually filed a few more Missouri Sunshine Law requests instead of listening to someone else’s whispered conventional wisdom about what masquerades as acceptable public policy.

Irony impairment indeed.

Also in today’s edition, front page above the fold, was an Associated Press article on the Aaron Podolefsky story – quoting me, apparently from the interview I did with KSHB-TV.

Another irony. It’s a difficult and convoluted process to get permission from the Associated Press to quote myself from their article quoting something I wrote here. You’ll just have to settle for the original:

….Michael Bersin: I think that’s really the issue, is that people are mystified by this….

….Michael Bersin: And, the,  the point is that it shouldn’t be a mystery. Because we’re the university community, the entire university community is owed an explanation by this board….

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