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Here are the FDL Action health care reform highlights for Friday, October 30.

1. Jane Hamsher blogs the “Lieberkini.” Let’s just say, this is appropriate for Halloween, maybe even a creative costume idea if you haven’t come up with one yet. Ha.

2. Jon Walker writes that although the “media is making a lot of hay about the CBO conclusion that with its negotiated rates, the House’s public option will have premiums slightly higher than private insurance on the exchange,” in actuality this means is that “the public option would be able to provide high quality, low hassle health insurance at a better unit cost.”  However, it gets a lot more complicated than that –  the “adverse selection” paradox and “an insufficient ‘risk adjustment’ procedure.” To learn more, read Jon Walker’s excellent analysis.

3. Jane Hamsher invited everyone to join medical students and her earlier today at the Russell Senate office building to “treat, not trick” for generic drugs. Hamsher also points out that “These events were cosponsored by POP, as part of our ongoing effort for health care advocacy.”  You can join the POP facebook page here. Don’t worry, it will be a treat not a trick!

4. Jon Walker points to a new “Research 2000 poll sponsored by the PCCC shows that the public option is dramatically more popular than Blanche Lincoln.”  Which makes it, well, not the most politically savvy move that “Lincoln has already twice voted against the public option in committee.” But I’m sure she must know things that the rest of us don’t know. (snark)

5. Jane Hamsher writes about “pro-life” Rep. Bart Stupak’s threat (or is it a bluff?) to block the House health care bill from passing over the issue of tax dollars for abortion. Hamsher asks, “Where the hell is Planned Parenthood? How about NARAL?” The answer so far: “crickets”.

6. Jon Walker argues that the “Dutch health system shows [the] necessity of [a] strong risk adjustment mechanism.”  Walker adds, “This dangerous lack of sufficient risk adjustment mechanisms is the Achilles heel of reform.”

7. Michael Whitney reports that Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) “isn’t even sure she’ll let health care be debated on the floor of the Senate, let alone allowing to go to a vote.”  All the more reason, Whitney argues,  to contribute towards organizers in Arkansas for a possible primary challenge to Lincoln. Needless to say, that would definitely not be a “treat” for Blanche Lincoln!

8. Finally, Jon Walker blogs about CBO Director Doug Elmendorf apparently “no longer sure what ‘bending the cost curve‘ even means.”  As Walker notes, this is “probably not what the Blue Dogs were hoping for…” The question with the “Blue Dogs,” of course, is whether their bark is worse than their bite. It appears we’ll be finding out in short order.

Happy Halloween from everyone at FDL Action!