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Constitutional Amendment to Article X, Relating to State, County, and Municipal Taxes, version 8


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Submitted by: Dr. Angela Basham

Dr. Angela Basham

P.O. Box 220

Leasburg, MO 65535


Official ballot title certified by Secretary of State on June 29, 2009.



Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to restrict the ability of the General Assembly, counties, and other political subdivisions to tax and generate revenue by limiting the General Assembly’s power to pass legislation that permits counties and other political subdivisions to tax for county, municipal, and other purposes; removing the authority to tax Missourian’s real or personal property; requiring that any increase to state income taxes be approved by a majority vote of the people; and by removing or modifying certain other tax provisions?

Prohibiting the levy of property and sales taxes by local governments would eliminate or reduce funding for local governmental services, including public schools, transportation, safety, and health programs.  State governmental services to the blind would be eliminated or reduced.  The estimated cost to state and local governmental entities could exceed $8.5 billion annually.


I haven’t been approached to sign the petition to put this on the Nov 2010 ballot, but I don’t go to tea party rallies or places where I’d be apt to see these petition carriers.  Has anyone else been approached to sign this?  It would be easy to convince people to sign without reading it simply by asking if they want their taxes reduced.