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Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder, a Republican, says in the YouTube video below that he wants to set us straight.  He is outraged about the effrontery of congressional Democrats who are trying to reform a  health care delivery system ranked 37th in world, and calls out Governor Nixon and Senator Claire McCaskill to repudiate the results:

Kinder’s rant is so off-kilter that it seems like the rhetorical equivalent of swinging a sledgehammer at an egg — and missing.  In spite of his use of the Republican focus-group nomenclature, none of the current health care reform plans now in play would, sadly, result in “government-run” health care.  Nor is it at all clear at this point, when several congressional plans are still unreconciled, what the impact may be on State government, regardless of Kinder’s overheated claim that he knows just what they will cost and that:

… they could create an unfunded mandate of $2.3 billion over five years for the state


What is clear, however, is that the status quo will be much more costly over time than we can afford, and that suitably ambitions reform may save both state and federal government money in the long run. We can only hope that Nixon and McCaskill, who have both shown a tendency to either run scared or, in Nixon’s case,  to show a little too much deference to the insurance industry, will manage to shake off any tremors that such misleading attacks might induce.