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Selmo Park

Selmo Park, the President’s Residence at UCM

“The thing that really upsets me, that kinda got me going originally was, for years, there was a Christmas tree lit at Selmo Park. Remember that?  . . . drive by?  He stopped that.  I mean, I think every religion should be able to celebrate – uh – in their own way, but, I mean this is Warrensburg, Missouri!  This is America!”

On October 14, KOKO radio host and minority-share station owner Greg Hassler could not help himself, he had to crow a little bit about getting Aaron Podolefsky, the University President fired for committing the unforgivable sin of putting academics over athletics at an institution of higher learning. At least that’s an unforgivable sin in the eyes of a failed golf pro turned small-market sports jock.

Hassler was indignant about, of all things, a Christmas tree.

But not just any Christmas tree – he was indignant about a non existent Christmas tree!

The tree Mr. Hassler was so seemingly verklempt about was a live cedar that was on the grounds of Selmo Park, but had not had lights on it since 1999, a good five years before Aaron Podolefsky was hired as University President.

But that isn’t all…the tree was removed from the property because it had gotten so large that it obstructed the view of the residence and there was concern that the roots would cause damage to some of the infrastructure installed on the property…and we understand that it was removed around 2000. The Podolefskys did not take up residence in Selmo Park until July 2005. Quite a trick that he stopped the lighting and drive by considering the tree was gone for years before he got there, don’t you think?

We wonder if Mr. Hassler would like to come clean about his biases, or try again? We’ll be waiting…