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Speaking Thursday at the St. Louis County Police and Fire Training Center, Joe Biden described how this nation has stepped back from the brink of economic disaster since Obama took office on January 20th. He started by acknowledging the fear that Americans still live with–fear that their job will be next or that they won’t be able to send their kid to college–or disgust that their house is upside down, in other words, worth less than they paid for it. We’re still losing jobs every month, and until we can create 100,000 or 200,000 well paying jobs a month, we cannot be said to have succeeded.

Biden did a fine job of reminding the audience how bleak the picture was last January 20th and gave plenty of evidence to bear out his claim that we have stepped back from the brink.

I’ll confess to being a Biden fan. I appreciate his mix of policy and passion. But on this last point, I’m taking a wait and see attitude–as, I’m sure, many voters are doing. This administration and the Democratic Congress must create jobs; I hope they have the will and the smarts to do so.