A month ago I relayed a tale of fury over a relative who was struggling with our broken healthcare system, a cousin who was carrying a baby girl with a pre-existing condition, Gastroschisis.

Well she’s here, and she is gorgeous, and we could not be more pleased, either with her or her care team at St. Luke’s, with an assist from a neonatal surgeon from the University of Kansas Medical School who came over to do all of her surgeries. She arrived at 2:21 on October 8, and was in surgery an hour later.  The amount of bowel on the outside of the abdominal wall meant that it could not be done in just one operation. Instead, 50% was replaced in the first round, and then 50% more every day until Sunday, when it was all in. Monday was her last surgery and in the words of her Grandma, who is about to burst, “They made her a belly button to boot.”

She is doing great, especially given the rough start she had. Her Mom is pumping to keep up her milk supply, and she should be able to start nursing in about three weeks, and she will stay in the hospital until close to Christmas.

Her family would like to extend heartfelt thanks one and all who relayed their good wishes via comments or email, or who even just paused for a moment when the original post appeared and sent some good will her way. When I tell you we appreciate it, that is what is known as an understatement. Thank you all so much.