L.A. Times on CIA falsehoods:

Democratic members of the House Intelligence Committee set off a political bombshell this week. In a leaked letter, they disclosed that CIA Director Leon Panetta — four months after taking office — learned that his agency had misled Congress about a special project. He canceled the program and scheduled closed-door meetings with the House and Senate Intelligence Committees the next day to brief them.

Kit Bond on the same topic:

U.S. Senator Kit Bond, Vice Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, today noted that House Democrats are playing politics with intelligence in order to prop up Speaker Pelosi’s outrageous accusations against our terror-fighters:

Poor Kit!  There’s a popular term for people like him: its “true believer”, which, according to the Skeptics Dictionary, can be defined as a person for whom ” the will to believe at times overrides the ability to think critically about the evidence for and against a belief.”

Kit, Wake up!  Even Joe Scarborough has seen the light and done a 180!