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The excellent FireDogLake is doing a little online fundraiser for Emmanuel Cleaver and 7 other Democrats for standing strong for a public option. Cleaver committed to voting against any bill that did not contain a strong public option. As Jane Hamsher writes, we can’t just express anger when we disagree with our representatives. We have to support those who stand up for us.

Check it out:

These members are committed to a real, meaningful public option.  And if we can get 32 more, we can keep any health care bill from passing that doesn’t have one.

It can’t be all stick, no carrot.

Our page is already #3 on the front page of ActBlue, and we want to get to #1 so people can see we’re willing to support members of Congress who support health care.   And  ActBlue calculates ranking based on number of donations, not size of donations.  So $1 each — $8 to 8 candidates — will really help us get there.

Let’s show these members of Congress that we support them, that we are there for them, and that we will remember that they took a courageous stand to insist that health care for all Americans should be a basic human right.

Please give $8 for 8 to Health Care Heroes.