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On the question of whether or not the state of Missouri should help to fund a bike race across the state, I can’t say that I’m the best informed on the issue. But I have friends who enjoy the race immensely and travel to small towns in Missouri that they would never visit otherwise just to watch different legs of the race, and it does draw tourists from around the world to cities large and small here in Missouri. Given that taxpayers subsidize college and pro sports stadiums to a much higher degree than the Tour of Missouri, I don’t understand the hostility. All in all, I support keeping the tour, even in these tough economic times.

I also don’t understand why Fired Up has sneered at it for years as something foreign or French, and I don’t understand why Governor Nixon just called it Belgian. Why go nativist on a bike race? The greatest living cyclist is an American, for crying out loud.

One last thing I really don’t get. While Peter Kinder has no problem advocating for taxpayer funding of sports facilities and things like the Tour of Missouri, he has no qualms in cutting 100,000 Missourians off the Medicaid rolls, and in opposing a more progressive tax system for the state. So while he might get a tiny check mark for helping something like the Tour of Missouri, it doesn’t even come close to balancing the crap he and Blunt have laid on Missourians for years.