Not exactly, but Charlie O’Reilly, retired from O’Reilly Automotive, penned a very nice editorial in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in favor the American Clean Energy and Security Act.  O’Reilly Automotive began as a single auto parts store in Springfield, MO in 1957 and has grown to a $3 billion a year enterprise. The HQ is still in Springfield.

O’Reilly makes a lot of good points, including the updated building codes, funds for the development of electric vehicles, and the installation of a smart grid, all of which will benefit everyone in Missouri. He also touts the green jobs from manufacturing and installing wind turbine solar panels and renovating buildings for greater energy efficiency, jobs that will spur growth across the state. And the resulting savings from having more efficient homes, cars, and buildings will save us money on our utility bills and at the pump every month.

O’Reilly isn’t afraid to name names as to who in our congressional delegation is leading the way and who stands in the way of a clean energy economy. Most importantly, since the bill has already passed the House, he points the finger at our Senators as two people who need to be convinced to do the right thing and support the clean energy legislation:

The Senate will decide the fate of this vital legislation and all that depends on it. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., is undecided. She has an opportunity to help America achieve one of our most important policy goals: building the clean energy future. Sen. Christopher “Kit” Bond, R-Mo., is opposed. He has the chance to leave behind a cleaner, more secure and more prosperous America for future generations.

I urge Missourians to contact both senators and ask them to support a strong bill that will lead our nation and Missouri into a new era of economic stability, energy security and environmental responsibility.

He’s right. You should contact them now and give them a piece of your mind. Tell them both that you want ACES passed without being weakened.

As they say, read the rest.