I just returned from Todd Akin’s Town Hall meeting in St. Charles County, Missouri where I learned that “we won the war in Iraq”, the economic downturn can be traced to the Bill Clinton administration and the verdict is out on human beings creating global warning. I was surprised Congressman Akins’s guest speaker made a reference devaluing “Pell Grants” in the stimulus package while standing in the auditorium of a community college with college students in attendance.  Unlike Senator McCaskill’s town hall meeting which was unedited “questions from a fishbowl”, this meeting was more “theatre” including a moderator and two speakers.  There was no accountability for any activities in Washington other than to attribute every ill to the Obama Administration, Federal interference and yes, the “S” word (socialist) was actually used.  It is interesting that that lack of accountability and name calling isn’t accepted in a classroom, in a house of worship or in business setting but is considered “being a good leader” if you are an elected official.