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Senator Claire McCaskill’s recent Twitter post appears to have raised the ire of the few, the loud, the tea obsessed:

The tea party thing confuses me.We’ve just passed one of the biggest tax cuts in American history & we had a record turnout in Nov. about 18 hours ago from web

Matt Taibbi explains:

The peasant mentality lives on in America

It took a good long while for news of the Teabag movement to penetrate the periphery of my consciousness – I kept hearing things about it and dismissing them, sure that the whole business was some kind of joke. Like a Daily Show invention, say. It pains me to say this as an American, but we are the only people on earth dumb enough to use a nationwide campaign of “teabag parties” as a form of mass protest, in the middle of a real economic crisis….

…This must be a terrible time to be a right-winger. A vicious paradox has been thrust upon the once-ascendant conservatives. On the one hand they are out of power, and so must necessarily rail against the Obama administration. On the other hand they have to vilify, as dangerous anticapitalist activity, the grass-roots protests against the Geithner bailouts and the excess of companies like AIG. That leaves them with no recourse but to dream up wholesale lunacies along the lines of Glenn Beck’s recent “Fascism With a Happy Face” rants, which link the protesting “populists” and the Obama adminstration somehow and imagine them as one single nefarious, connected, ongoing effort to install a totalitarian regime…

Go. Read the whole thing.

Our good senator received their wrath:

Goodness,lots of screaming tweets tonight from tea partiers. Stay calm, I’m listening. No need to insult anyone,ok to disagree in America. about 12 hours ago from web

Welcome to our world senator.