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Update: Enjoy John Oliver of the Daily Show interviewing Tea Party participants and showing them that there’s no real comparison between the British tyranny of 1773 and their perceived tyranny of Obama.

The St. Louis tax day Tea Party was well attended (having been well organized by Republican operatives) had great turnout. Some estimates ran as high as 10,000, but more realistically, it was probably five or six thousand. People had put an impressive amount of effort into signs:

I saw several signs characterizing our side as fascists. I don’t see it personally, but I believed it about the Bushies.

There were lots of Ron Paul fans there wanting the Fed audited.

photo courtesy of Jaelithe Judy at Momocrats

also courtesy of Jaelithe

I can identify with this woman’s frustration. Well, not the elitist part, but I did feel for eight years that I was dealing with people who wanted to be dictators.

“Don’t tread on me t-shirts and flags were everywhere. Another picture showed Obama with a red line drawn through him and these sentiments: “Re-defeat communism 2012.” Still another said: “Teabag Carnahan. Hang him for treason.”

Now let me see if I have this straight. We’re stupid, elitist socialists, communists, fascists, dictators, and traitors. For a group of people with a lot of anger, most of the folks in the crowd were cheerful and normal. Even this fella: