I’d love a transcript of Tim Flook’s slippery slope on the SCHIP debate. If I recall correctly.. it goes like this..

Adopting the amendment to allow for an SCHIP amendment leads to Adopting more SCHIP money leads to Everybody gets drunk on spending leads to Mass hysteria leads to Doing stupid things (swear he said that) leads to Hyperinflation ala post World War I Germany leads to cats and dogs marrying each other, leads to Doom

But the House Republicans reversed House Budget Committee cuts of Meals on Wheels with multiple anti-liasion amendments. Including several amendments to restore meals on wheels funding from a member who voted to cut Meals on Wheels in committee. So they can pat themselves on their backs.

Update: Tim Jones just said that the Democrats want to move the Mississippi River to the west so that Missouri can become part of the “Socialist Republic of Illinois”

Update 2: Rob Schaaf is indirectly comparing expanding SCHIP to slavery. Did they spike the tap water in the Capital? “Lincoln fought to end slavery, the Minority wants to bring it back” is the basic message of Schaaf there. Ugh.

Update 3: Republican budget shuffle. Cutting spending and saying you’re increasing spending.

Update 4: Here’s an interesting decrease/increase amendment from Jason Kander.

Decrease money from member expense accounts, coffee, and label pins. Increase money for kids for autism. Similar to his amendment earlier regarding kids with cancer. There’ll be a roll call vote on this.. Both amendments passed easily, but with 30+ against.

Update 5: Perfection votes for budget bills. With the added bonus of amusing voice votes. The Aye voters just yelled “Affirmative”. But no Nay voters have said “NOOOOOOOO”

Update 5 1/2: And we’re adjourned. My connection was down and I think an offer from the Dems to the Reps to concede their time was turned down in favor of an amendment spree. Fun resumes at 10am tomorrow.