the Missouri State Senate is still in session.

The debate appears to be about a plan where teachers can choose to get extra money for performance. So, optional merit pay. No word on if unicorns are involved.

Reading Messenger’s twitter. Apparently Jane Cunningham’s performance-based pay amendment passed when “nobody was paying attention”. Senate’s are weird bodies.

Update: Also, it wouldn’t surprise me if quite a few House members began twittering today. In the future, twitter comments will fill books of History “as it happened”, and we will be drinking Brawndo.

Update (12:40AM): The Senate is still in session. Actually an error by Cunningham tripped up the amendment. But the amendment is on the floor to mandate merit pay in STL City schools.

1:15 AM: Senate still in session. Merit Pay amendment passes via voice vote. You could listen to the live feed or read Tony Messenger if you’re awake and intrigued by late night legislating.

1:40 AM: Via Jolie Justus’ Twitter: “Heard estimate that we will be here until 4-5 this AM.”

Update: It’s 2:30AM, and the Missouri Senate has adjourned. They will return at 10am with hopes of being out by noon.